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Our Process

Our process starts with listening.  Everything we do is driven by a full understanding of both your concerns and your dreams. Your plan is tailored to you. We are happy to collaborate with your tax and legal advisors to help us see the whole picture. Your plan is monitored on an ongoing basis and adjusted as your circumstances or objectives change.

Our Clarity

You should understand what is happening with your plan and portfolio.  We communicate clearly so that you understand all options available to you in common sense language.  We also feel it is very important that you know how you compensate us for our services and how this relates to your portfolio.  We thoroughly explain our fee structure and value proposition.  All questions are answered to put you at ease.

Our Objectivity

As an independent firm, we have no proprietary portfolios or products. This independence allow us to select from a vast array of solutions to meet your needs.  Independence means we work for you and put you first.